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About Us

Heavenly Delights is located in Jamaica, New York. We specialize in Carrot Cakes that are created with the finest all natural ingredients available.  Our organic products consist of various desserts, ranging from our signature carrot cakes to chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. 

Henry's Carrot Cakes 'also know as Heavenly Delights' the all natural no preservative organic cakes has been tantalizing people for many years. Heavenly Delights has been proudly offering our products and services in our communities of New York and other cities in the USA for over 35 years.

Heavenly Delights continuously strives to improve and offer more options in our products and services so that we can assist our consumer families in enjoying the greatest experience in self validation and quality of living.  



Our Mission

Heavenly Delights mission is to compliment, enrich and enhance one's own spiritual and cosmic edible journey through the art of flavorful self validation. 

Our Product is our art your enjoyment is our canvas. 

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